Quality Policy

Hemasri’s chief quality objective is to bring projects to an end in accord with the accepted schedule, conditions and expenditure outlay, to the utmost degrees of quality and competence even as making sure that statutory prerequisites are fulfilled with and customer’s expectations are met.

The Company’s team is completely dedicated to the stipulated Quality Mechanism, and has delegated pertinent accountability to the Directors on Board, whose primary responsibilities encompass,

(a) Conducting Management Assessment meetings at periodic intervals and

(b) Review the system’s effectual operation and time-to-time enhancement.

The efficacy of Hemasri’s Quality Mechanism depends on a total dedication from all resources. Management while keeping the momentum encourages and motivates the teams to implement the system as a matter of company’s main concern. The company would take care of regular training and development of its teams so as to meet its quality objectives. Management would commune its policy to all of its employees in such a way that it is properly comprehended and implemented.

Managing Director.

Safety Policy

Health and Safety are paramount in our business practice and operations and we have in place stringent measures and accountability factors to ensure their implementation. Our health and Safety reflects all applicable standards and approved codes of practice as per the industry benchmark.

Create awareness on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) by team work, training and meaningful communication of HSE Policy to employees, persons working on behalf of the organization and relevant interested parties.

Achieve customer satisfaction through planned objectives and targets and continual improvement in HSE Performance.

Managing Director.


"Hemasri’s core values steer the whole thing we execute. Integrating these values in our day by day work schedule, and making them an internal part of our culture, is the key to our future success."

Unbending dedication to quality, safety, employee welfare, and environment.

Devoted to overall growth of our employees and other stakeholders.

Precision, answerability, and discipline in our business.

Effectual construction practices by cultivating a talent and competency focused team.

Implement respectful open communication system and quality management system.